About Us

Iretailer started operation in 2010 as a unit of Shanghai Lianbai Electronics. Shanghai Lianbai Electronics was founded over 15 years ago as a RFID/EAS company achieving great success in China and abroad. The core team realized that the impact of online e-commerce on the traditional retail industry was increasing and offline retailers needed a set of dedicated intelligent business tools to stay competitive. Iretailer primary line of business is People Counting Solutions. With the help of world-renowned technology companies, such as: Intel, PointGray, Brickstream, Hikivision, Geovisio, etc our engineers were able to developed a patented product with superior quality/value ratio to overseas manufacturers. Our hardware and software provide offline retail enterprises a clear understanding of consumers behavior in order to optimize and anticipate their needs.
Iretailers has seen rapid growth and today count over 100 employees